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Solutions bundled for your needs, from Apple Device management to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) / Business Internet (BI) and much more

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What We Do

What We Do

CTS Mobility is an industry leader with 18 years of mobile experience. Our core competencies lie in hardware sales, managed software, bundled services (onsite installations as needed), Business Internet (BI) and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) for your next device refresh or equipment deployment, security and many more.

Here's how we can assist you

Imagine your ideal solution. CTS provides solutions that can be customized including an end-to-end approach to managing your corporate devices, installations and deployment. This life-cycle approach has resulted in security and convenience for our clients, who maintain confidence in the level of our service. Our services provide a unique opportunity for the customer to alleviate pain-points in their day-to-day preparation and management of key devices.

Field Services

Field services includes installation of devices, cabling of sites, and site surveys. We have over 3,400 qualified technicians in our network that can provide coverage that may be remote or out of the normal scope of work

Device Deployment

Device deployment begins with our professional service team conducting an analysis of what the end customer needs to have a ready-to-go-device. This includes activation, configuration, kitting, and shipping services. CTS can create a custom portal which allows for 24/7 monitoring of all aspects of your deployment. This portal provides our customers with the ability to communicate with us and submit requests in real time.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM services include configuration, installation and life-cycle management of devices.

24/7 365 Support

Our support team is available 24/7/365, including holidays. Speak with our technicians live or use our chat function to get in contact with us at any time.


CTS provides advanced replacement on breakage preventing customer down-time from not having a device. Repair services help extend the life of your device by using factory OEM parts. In addition, all Apple repairs use Apple genuine parts and certified technicians are engaged to complete the work.

Device Refresh and Recyling

Plan to always have a device available with our CTS Device Refresh and Recycling program. New devices can be readily available with your configuration requirements. Your old devices can be recycled using certified device destruction to protect your data and minimize e-waste.

Depot Services

CTS will insure your inventory and provide storage in our 10,000 sf, temperature controlled warehouse.

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Our partners enable the fulfillment of all your mobility needs

Case studies

Learn how we can help you with your mobility needs. Read on to explore our previous work and successes that we've achieved with our clients.


The company needed a solution to provide connection into their VPN with users in rural areas. Providing this solution for all of their work from home employees has proven difficult as it causes them to have various different wireline partners as they have representatives nationwide and no universal connection source for all locations. In addition to the coverage of the continental US, the client has a significantly high turn over within 1 year of employment, causing them to continuously take losses on equipment and pay early termination fees for contract cancellations. Upon termination, the client needed a more rapid response to shutting down ex-employee access to their systems by blocking the connectivity of the unit in each representatives home.

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The Customer discovered that their routers were not ideal due to their limited support abilities. Overall monitoring was lacking, and the customer did not have visibility to the organization’s status. The Inseego FW2000E Outdoor Unit requires a site survey and professional installation due to being outdoors. CTS was able to support the customer in this aspect, while also providing additional services. This is an on-going national deployment that includes all of the brands housed under the their umbrella. The end users of this device upgrade were the individual store Managers on Duty. End users were not technically trained and needed assistance from CTS in order to update the facility.

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The company is the fastest growing waste and recycling company in the country having grown from 40 to 560 locations/companies. They needed a solid partner to manage provisioning tablets, warehousing, logistics and returns. Instead of multiple partners, they were in need of one partner that they could count on to fulfill all of their needs and reduce costs. The logistics of getting devices to each location was proving to be a challenge for them. In addition, they did not have enough warehouse space to store their devices or technical knowledge to provision and deploy. They had had negative experiences working with other partners and were looking for a full, 360, solution. Not only was the need in the now, the need was to support ongoing growth and future acquisitions. In addition to service, CTS offered the TAB ACTIVE PRO, which provided the right form factor with required rugged specifications.

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What do we do for the public sector

CTS Mobility, Ltd. has the ability to provide the needed equipment and services for your public sector organization. You can reach out via our website 24 hours a day for assistance or email us directly for more information contactus@ctsmobility.com.

Welcome to Fastlane by CTS

Welcome to Fastlane by CTS

Now providing smooth cruising with no barriers. Check out our new ordering experience, IMEI and SIM information available within 30 minutes.

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