Mobile device management (MDM) and unified endpoint management (UEM) have become just one more concern for businesses, regardless of the size of a business. It is inevitable that your employees will end up doing some work on a mobile device. This significantly increases the  risks to your business.

According to a Verizon report released during 2019, one out of three companies reported that their mobile devices had been compromised. To ensure that your data and systems are not compromised, you need to provide robust security on all of your devices.

Here at CTS Mobility, we know how critical security is. That’s why we are partnering with MobileIron. They offer the three critical services that perfectly compliment what we have on offer. They take a zero trust approach to all work conducted in the workplace, including the following services:

  • Segregated business and personal apps on mobile devices
  • Strict endpoint management
  • Proactive threat analytics

We believe that our partnership with MobileIron will give you a greater sense of security.

Why MobileIron?

MobileIron is among the best companies to protect UEM. They take a very focused approach to securing data with minimal interruption to the business.

  • They have a detailed implementation that streamlines enrollment and provisioning across the company.
  • The MobileIron policy engine can quickly and efficiently grant secure access to the user based on the device in use, the user login information, and the app.
  • They know that it is best to have only dedicated work apps on the mobile device, but have a workaround solution since most companies are not able to keep mobile devices clear of personal apps.
  • Security policy enforcement enables your admins to easily enforce established restrictions and Wi-Fi access.
  • Knowing that a lot of businesses have to share resources, MobileIron has made it easy for mobile devices to be used by several different staff members. Access is granted based on the employee’s login, which is tied to the functions they can use on the device.

These are the reasons that we felt MobileIron is a great partner for us. However, here is a bit more information to help you understand what you can gain by implementing MobileIron services on your mobile devices.

Keeping Work and Personal Apps Separate

One of the primary security problems is that employees use mobile devices to take care of personal business, even if you provide a work-only mobile device. Since most businesses do not issue work specific phones, they are significantly increasing risks by expecting staff to use their own mobile devices. Many problems arise from personal apps, like Facebook and Twitter.

MobileIron helps to nearly eliminate that risk by keeping work and personal apps separate. All of your work critical apps can be segregated so that no other app can access them. The primary apps you will likely want secured include the following:

  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Email
  • Task management

Their solutions apply to all of the major platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • OSX
  • Windows 10
  • Zebra

This means that you can even ensure that laptops aren’t compromised when employees check their work email from home.

Superior Endpoint Management

Ultimately, endpoints are what malware and hackers use to access data. MobileIron has a long history of providing UEM that improves data security by focusing on information signals. Access is only granted once the critical points have been verified.

Endpoint management reviews the following as a part of the access verification process:

  • Device validation (to ensure the device is permitted to access the business resource)
  • User context
  • App authorization (to verify that the user is allowed to access the business resource)
  • The network the user is on (you don’t want someone to access one of your business resources from an unsecured public Wi-Fi network)
  • Analyzes threats

Only once the verification process is completed and all of the endpoints cleared can the user gain access to your business resources.

Powerful visibility and insights into employee devices.

Proactive Threat Analytics

When it comes to data security, it’s true that the best defense is a good offense. By constantly analyzing your current mobile infrastructure, you can detect problems or gaps that could lead to security issues later on. If you resolve the potential performance issues before they fully manifest themselves, you can minimize your data’s vulnerability.

We’ve found MobileIron to be among the most adept companies in terms of threat analysis. They not only support conditional enterprise access (such as DropBox, Office 365, and Salesforce), they enable your deployed threat defenses based on device, network, and available apps. This reduces the risks of malicious apps being able to download on your staff’s mobile devices.

MobileIron provides the following primary analytics:

  • Threat detection
  • Reduces risks of jailbreaking, disabling of encryption and password, and elevated non-verified privileges
  • Checks for network vulnerabilities, such as phishing, malicious hotspots, and rogue access points
  • Monitors application vulnerabilities
  • App analysis
  • Threat notifications based on what the admin considers the most critical potential issues
  • Device scans to find threats as early as possible
  • Remediation actions
  • Actions can be done on a local or platform level
  • Actions based on server-initiated compliance
  • Local actions based on the specific device platform

As soon as a mobile device connects to a network, it poses a risk to that network. The more networks a device uses, and the more apps a person downloads, the more risk that device poses. MobileIron takes a comprehensive approach to analyzing and remediating those risks.

Keep in mind that you will still need to do basic security training, such as on how employees can minimize risks of Trojan horses and phishing scams, but with MobileIron’s services, you can minimize the risks – even if your employees fail to follow all of the safety precautions.

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